This wiki page is where I will keep all my session links and resources, in addition to my Reform Symposium presenter's forum page here.

A Makebeliefs comic I created ahead of the session.


I would like to say a huge thanks to all the wonderful Reform Symposium organizers, moderators, presenters, and tireless volunteers who made this incredibly inspiring e-conference possible.

A special thanks to Steve Hargadon, the founder of The Future of Education ning and organizer of RSCON4, and to Shelly Terrell for always believing in me and encouraging me to do much more than I think I can do! Chiew Pang for always being there for me and the presenters, and Bruno Andrade for arranging so many pre-conference videos, including my own.

It has really been one of the best weekends of Continuous Professional Development ever!! I will be writing a follow-up post on my blog very soon, so watch this space :-)

Feedback Comic

Comic created with Witty Comics

Link to my first blog post about the Reform Symposium Conference.

My presentation slides:

The recording of my session lasts approx one hour. Click on the link for the session recording.

Thanks to my lovely moderator Marijana for doing such an excellent job of moderating my session!!! This fun photofunia 'Diploma' is especially for you!!

PhotoFunia Diploma.jpg

Link to the main Reform Symposium page for more information about the conference:

Tagxedo Word Cloud Introduction

This is a word cloud character / personality summary of one of my classes. Each student said an adjective which they thought described them and we then created this Tagxedo cloud on the spot in the classroom to add to our wiki.

11 students, 11 different words.The shape of Joy was especially chosen by the whole class because one of the students' names was Joy. It was indeed a joyful class to teach! Brainstorming the adjectives in this fashion was a nice getting to know you type activity, and the end result was very visual and memorable for us all.


Mini Saga: The Eye

graffiti eye.JPG

This photo I took is of an eye drawn by an unknown graffiti artist in Oxford. It is hidden away under a bridge that I have walked under every day recently. This haunting image intrigued me and I thought it would make a good creative writing prompt for my group of B2 learners.

I created a short mini saga using fodey newspaper snippet tool as an example for my students and you can read it below. I have also used Picadilo, a new photo editing tool to create the film strip effect. In a mini saga, you have to write a short story using exactly 50 words. It is not as easy as it may sound!!

Mini Saga newspaper.jpg

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