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Gavin Dudeney
"IATEFL Pawnd"
Blog post 12/04/2010
NIcky Hockley
Nicky Hockley's Mobile Generation
Video Interview at IATEFL
Ken Wilson
Coming soon -tweet-ups change conferences forever
Blog post 12/04/2010
Janet Bianchini
Harrogate Online-Update!
Blog post 10/04/2010
Anne Hodgson
Feed the Grammar Guru

Shaun Wilden
Blog post 14th April 2010
Nik Peachey
Let us Now Praise Famous Women
Blog post 13/04/10
Ozge Karaoglu
IATEFL and Tweet-ups
Blog post 15/04/2010
Shelly Terrell
IATEFL Conference

Anthony Gough
Teacher Training Unplugged
Blog post
Sue Lyons-Jones
IATEFL Conference Highlights 2010- 10 Talks Worth Catching
Blog post July 2010
Karenne Sylvester
At the Top of Maslow's Pyramid

Marisa Constantinides
Embedding Creative Thinking Skills Training into our EFL Practice