Blended Learning: Links for Primary School Teachers of English

Where possible, I have acknowledged the original source of the links. This is definitely a Work In Progress and I hope it will take shape over the coming months. The bookmarks below are intended to be shown for teacher training purposes. At the moment they are not in A-Z order.

Pre-primary and Primary ELT on!, curated by Patrick Jackson. This is a fantastic collection of Young Learner resources
to please all Primary school teachers of EFL!!!

Teaching Young Learners on! curated by the British Council site LearnEnglishKids

Learning English with Mom - fab idea by Eva B to get blogging and doing creative projects
with your own children during the summer holidays!

The best original songs on LearnEnglish Kids via TEFLtastic
Bloom's Taxonomy:Bloomin' Peacock by iLearn Technology
MES - Free Printables for Teachers
Enchanted Learning Rhymes & Colouring in pages
Animal Magic with Young Learners (by Leahn Stanhope)
Young Learners' expert- Carol Read - Author of the Month ( - "Bugs",
"500 Activities for the Primary Classroom"
Fun Vocabulary Sites for Kids and Young Learners - video tutorial by Russell Stannard
Wiki "Technology for Kids" (Shelly Terrell and Ozge Karaoglu collaboration)
Best Resources for Using Puppets in Class by Larry Ferlazzo
Teaching Classroom Objects by Alex Case
Using Wordle- 19 Ways - Elementary
Teaching English to Young Learners (Excellent resource (62-page PDF) via Larry Ferlazzo)
Top Ten for Young Learners
English for Young Learners - great site for activities by Kieran McGovern
ESL Games, songs by Genki English
10 Tips to inspire Young Readers
Lesson on How to teach Jazz Chants to YLs Marisa's tips
Teaching Jazz Chants - You Tube clip with author Carolyn Graham
Burcu Akyol’s Classroom Management Tips – 1
Burcu Akyol’s Classroom Management Tips - 2 (Includes Web 2.0)
Isabel's ESL Site - full of great lessons for Primary level
Newsround:Outstanding news resource site for YLs 9-15 (CBBC)
CUP: Teacher zones- Primary zone resources and flashcards
Primary CUP - Home
Storybird - Collaborative storytelling (create a story book)
MeeGenius Library
Tech it Easy With Very Young Learners by Ozge
Digital Games for Digital Natives by Ozge (projects with 6-year-olds -amazing!)