This is definitely a Work In Progress and I hope it will take shape over the coming years. I am also using this wiki as a repository to keep all my experiments with new tools in one safe place!

Image below created with Photofunia, a cool photo editing site.

Welcome to Janet's Gallery of Bookmarked Links
Zimmer Twins (Review by David Kapler) http://www.zimmertwins.com/

GoAnimate: http://goanimate.com/
Dvolver: http://www.dvolver.com/live/moviemaker.html
ANIMOTO: http://animoto.com/
Animoto for Education post by Free Technology for Teachers
Animoto ideas via Classroom 2.0

28 Interesting Ways to use Audio in Your Classroom by Tom Barrett
Listen and Write website- fab dictation site from OUP
How to tutorial for Listen and Write audio web site by Russell Stannard
Audacity How to Tutorial by Russell Stannard

Big Huge Labs

A great photo editing site. Lots of fun features - very addictive!
Badge Maker example below created 22nd February 2011


Big Huge Labs: Hockney art poster effect with Janet's chicks, Chikita and Norris


Big Huge Labs Magazine creator - created on April 7th 2011


Big Huge Labs: Add fun captions to your photos with the Captioner special effect!!!!




Lists of Best Blogging Tips by Larry Ferlazzo
Blog4Edu -wiki support group for new bloggers
Blogging Terms and Phrases, Part 1 by kalinagoenglish on The PLN Staff Lounge
Blogging Terms and Phrases Part 2 by Kalinago English on Mike Harrison's Blog
Training Session on Using Blogs in the classroom by Training ELTeachers blog
Create a class blog by Sue Waters The Edublogger
Advice for Blogging with Students by The Edublogger
Blogger Tutorial by Teacher Training Videos
Web Tools applied to Teaching fab e-book by Life Feast Blog
How to use Wordpress blog via @tomwhitby
Lists of Best Blogging Tips by Larry Ferlazzo
Top Blogging Tips by Kalinago English
Newbie Bloggers and Tipss by Little Miss Bossy (great comments)
Tips for Newbie Bloggers by LLJB
Blogging with your Students slideshare by Langwitches from wikispaces
To blog or not to blog. That is the question. Post by Emma Herrod.
My Blogging Tips created on Bubbl.us below:


BOOKS/ E-Books
Dante's Hell
E-Book Web Toolsby Life Feast blog (Ana Maria Menezes)
The Amazing Web 2.0 free Projects E-Book
The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects E-Book pdf -updated version July 2010
60second Recap site - fab video resources of major book summaries( via Arjana)
MeeGenius Library
Nik's Quick Shout -post on MeeGenius - online library books for children
3 Informational E-Books for Teachers and Educators (includes Podcasts and PLNs) by Learning Today blog

How to use Bubbl.us (by Nik Peachey)


Comics Mosaic.jpg
Created this mosaic for EVO Digitalstorytelling4kids 2013 Session


6 Free Sites for Creating Your Own Comics via Mashable

Comics:Free ESL Materials.com by Sean Banville
10 Ways to Create Comics Online by Free Technology for Teachers
Cartoonize Yourself by Free Technology for Teachers
StripGenerator free cartoon strip site. My example below!

Make Beliefs Tutorial
Superherosquad cartoon strip maker

One of my first attempts with this cool comic maker

My example cartoon strip

Comic below created on 21st February 2011


Strip Comic below created on October 28th 2011 to teach a few simple Italian phrases:


Bitstrips.com - Make comic strips very easily.
See my first one below, created while burning the midnight oil on 24th February 2011!! This comic strip forms a part of my Digital Storytelling - Idiomatic Story series 2011.

An Idiomatic Story

Read this very useful post from Life Feast blog, which includes a video of children using bitstrips in their school. They are so enthusiastic about creating their own comics. It's lovely to see!! I can't get over how quick they are to manipulate this tool. Makes me feel a bit pre-historic, actually. However, I'm thrilled that I am trying these new tools out for myself, so I guess my learning curve, although much slower than these pupils, is more or less the same in the end.

A fab post by Natasa ( from Natasa's blog ) on Free Tools Challenge, where she writes about Bitstrips and shows off some lovely creations and ideas!

Have a look at sketchfu
Yes, you must be thinking to yourself, Janet is a cool artist (not!)

My first attempt - I'm no artist!

Digital Storytelling by Cybraryman (useful list of resources)
Slideshows to colour your digital life by Ozge
50 Web 2.0 Tools to tell a story (via Stumble upon by Alan Levine)
Digital Storytelling - 21 Things for the 21st Century Educator
New Tools Workshop wiki - collection of resources
Storybird - create a book!
Story Starters by Scholastic.com

DVolver Tutorial by Teacher Training Videos

My dvolver animation "In the Money", created specially for my Idiomatic Story series for IATEFL Brighton presentation 2011


ELT Portfolio Great links about e-portfolios by Graham Stanley
Digital Portfolios wikispaces Lots of information on how to set E-Portfolios up with younger students


6th Virtual Round Table e-conference: my presentation poster!

Glogster site
Glog on! Slideshare presentation by Jan McGee
Glogster Tutorial
Ozge's Glogster
Glogster Tutorial by Russell Stannard
Edu Glogster (Link from Radney)
Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century
Greetings from the World wiki by Arjana Blazic

My very own first creation
GoAnimate.com: Introductions and Icebreakers by Janet Bianchini



**Shelly Terrell - wiki on Graphic Organizers**

Interesting Ways to Use (by Tom Barrett) great list of different web.2.0 tools
How to Embed Almost Anything in your Website via Digital Inspiration Blog.

As busy as a bee

As busy as a bee

ESL Tools -Idioms List of great idioms, with pronunciation, examples and +++short Videos
Eye on Idioms - Blog post by Free Technology for Teachers 2010


Tag Galaxy: http://taggalaxy.de/

Images of Oxford created with Taggalaxy in 2015 from flickr:


Taggalaxy of Abruzzo pics in 2015 from flickr:


Top 20 Best Free Online Photo Editing Websites.

Playing around with Picfull - Free One Click Photo Editing!
Fluffy's image has been edited with picfull.


Playing around with BeFunky.com. The same picture, but with 3 different effects:
Pop art, Sketch and Oil painting- Janet with Joe


BeFunky: Freddy 2015, using Cartoonizer feature



Big Huge Labs - enhance your images with great effects as in Aprilia Rally Raid Capo Nord Motorbike poster below

Born to be Wild

Everything YOU should know about enhancing posts with images by Sue Waters from
The Edublogger
Images and Visual Literacy posts by Educational Technology in ELT
Fun Photo Box - enhance your images with fun effects like in the image below!
Samantha with one of her cute kittens. June 2011


Tuxpi.com -great site for editing images imaginatively
Says-it.com - great site for creating special signs and images!


Befunky, Photopeach and Sketchfu -it's what students want to do!
50 List of Free Online Photo Editing Tools via BlueBlots

ImageChef.com -Enhance your images with special effects
Photovisi - create cool collages like the New Year ones below:



GlassGiant.com - make cool pictures like the one below!!


Picnik allows you to edit your photos creatively!
Photo type sites like fotobabble/blabberize etc by Shaun Wilden
Playing with "photo" type programmes again
(fotobabble / blabberize and befunky) - blog post by Shaun Wilden
Every Photo Tells a Story blog - prompts for ideas (May 2010)
The Best sites lists for photos that changed the world by Larry Ferlazzo
Image Tools - fab resources from cooltoolsforschools wiki
Visual CVs and examples from Digital Inspiration link
Using Images in Education by Nik Peachey
Digital Images - 21 Things for the 21st Century Educator
Describing Pictures:Voicethread Project ( LifeFeast blog)
Veezzle.com - Free stock photo search engine
Getty Images - stock photos with Commons License
Using flickr in Education from My Integrating Technology Journey blog
Tuxpi.com -great site for editing images imaginatively
Photo Circles effect below

Love Across a Mirror



Warmers, Fillers and 1st Week Activities by Eva Simkesian (24th Blog Carnival)
First Lesson Ideas and Warmers by Teflgeek
Icebreakers by Trying Out Web 2.0 (Dani Lyra)
Icebreakers by Cybraryman
Games, Fillers, Warm-ups by A Journey in TEFL
F is for First Lessons via An A - Z of ELT
Interesting Ways for how to get to know your class by Tom Barrett
Interesting Ways to get to know your class (updated July 2011)
Introducing myself to my new classes
Coat of Arms by David Dodgson
Icebreakers by Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age blog
Ice Breaker Tags - creative name tags via Free Tech 4 Teachers
Intoductions and Icebreakers by LLJB


linoit.com is an online canvas board where you can post stickies
It's similar to Wallwisher.

Text2mindmap, Abruzzo 2015

https://www.text2mindmap.com/ - Mindmapping tool
http://popplet.com/ - Mindmapping tool
https://bubbl.us/ - Mindmapping tool

Teaching English through songs in the Digital Age Part 1 by Vicky Saumell- Educational Technology in ELT
Music + Tools resources - cooltoolsforschools wiki
Fun Time- enjoying songs by Life Feast Blog
Write a Blues Song (Nik's Daily English activities)
TubeOke via AnaMaria on Twitter- fab resource for music videos with lyrics
The Best Online Karaoke Sites for English Language Learners by Larry Ferlazzo
Songs for ELT by ESL Lounge
Songs for the Classroom wiki Pearson ELT Community
Fun TIME - enjoying songs by Ana Maria
6 Online Activities with songs by Nik Peachey

News / Newspaper articles / Resources

BBC Drama - 60 Second Shakespeare
Great resource for lead-ins to short extracts/ summaries of Shakespeare plays
Twurdy - great for finding short newspaper articles according to levels

NETTELS / KIPPERS / TWITS (Macmillan Dictionary)

Test your Phrasals! on PhotoPeach
Working with Photopeach
Step by Step guide to using Photopeach
Befunky and Photopeach and other tools by Sue Waters


Pixuffle - ideas by Shaun Wilden

Poster Street via Zarco English Tool of the Day May 2010
pdffun.com - Funny Office Signs pdf downloads

How to create an Awesome PowerPoint Presentation by mattedmuddson

The Power of Presentations by EFL Classroom 2.0
PowerPoint for E-Learning;The Rapid E-Learning

Presentation Tools by cooltoolsforschools wiki

Prezis by Kalinago English
The Power and Point of using Prezi in the Classroom (Paul Hill)

Prezis by Tom Barrett

Quizinator via Zarco English Tool of the Day
ProProfs:Knowledge Sharing Tools for Quizzes
ESL Video:Free ESL/EFL Video Activities

Arabella Cascarino

Arabella Cascarino doing some yoga in SECOND LIFE.

Second Life for Beginners (like me!)
Second Life posts by Nik Peachey on NIk's Quick Shout!
Second Life Educational Resources (Rebeka Simmons)
Second Life Blog post (English Raven blog post) May 4th 2010
One week in Second Life (by Graham Stanley) May 2010
Second Life Tutorial 1
Second Life Tutorial 2 (Teacher Training Videos)

Skype- Technology for Kids PB wiki by Shelly Terrell
Skype- Shelly's post on OUPELTGlobal Blog

Best speaking sites List by Larry Ferlazzo

Tagxedo - the latest word cloud with style! Post from from Free Technology For Teachers
TagXedo Video Tutorial by Russell Stannard

Cybraryman site - Internet catalogue
Getting Started on the Road to Technology Integration by Free Technology for Teachers
How to do 11 Techy Things in the New School Year free Issuu book by Free Technology for Teachers
Shift Happens
Technology Integration in Grade One Classroom via Classroom 2 Alive
Shift Happens via wikispaces- excellent resources on how to use the videos/ideas in class

TOOL(KITS) for Education
A - Z Cool Tools Issu presentation by Jrenner1
Toolkit A-Z for Education - fab links via PTCweb2!!
Tools for the 21st Century Teacher by MZimmer557 - fab resources via ISSUU

Twitter Chicks

Twitter basics for absolute beginners from Jason Renshaw on Vimeo.

What is Twitter? via the English Blog - excellent short video introduction to Twitter
A Twitterholic's Guide to tweets, hashtags and all things twitter by Sue Waters
10 Steps for Educators new to Twitter by Justin Tarte
The Ultimate Twitter Guidebook very comprehensive guide via Edudemic
How to Harness Twitter for an Extraordinary PLNvia Edudemic
How Twitter will change the way we live - Time Magazine article
Teachers Helping Teachers: The PLN Road Map
7 Top Tips for Building your PLN with Twitter
Case Studies: Twitter for Learning by Helen Whitehead
What Can You Do with PLN on Twitter? by A Journey in Tefl
Tweet, Tweet, Learn English on Twitter by Kalinago English
Top 5 Ways to use Twitter in the Classroom by Learning Today blog
Twitter for Teachers -a Professional Development tool -Youtube video by Paul Hill
Twitter Fun - lovely tools to use via Ripples in Education blog (May 25th 2010)


How to embed tweets into your blog post by Sue Waters
The Ultimate Guide to Twitter from www.webdesignerdepot.com
The Ultimate Guide to Twitter
How to use Twitter for Social Learning : Twitter Reading List of 200+ articles from Social Learning Academy
Twitter Links via http://teachmeetnashville.wikispaces.com
How to Use Twitter for Social Learning by Jane Knight
PRESTO:How to build a PLN Using Twitter by Shell Terrell
How to use Twitter tutorial by Russell Stannard
Tweetdeck Training Tutorial by Russell Stannard
Over 100 Ideas for using Twitter to teach in the Classroom
Why Twitter is the quickest way from Q to A (Guardian 9th May 2010)
29 Different Ways to use Twitter in the Classroom by Tom Barrett
Social Learning using Twitter by Jane Hart (May 2010)
Twitter comics

ESL Video:Free ESL/EFL Video Activities
ESL Video: Tutorial
ESL Video eg Waka Waka Song quiz Example from Arjana's TraveloTeacher Blog

Teaching Classroom Objects at Elementary Level by Alex Case
10 Activities with Flashcards by Eva B
Word Magnets by Russell Stannard
Word Clouds by Teacher Training Videos
Free Esol Courses - fab Vocabulary Resources
50 Coolest Online Tools for Word Nerds
Zoom Words by Life Feast blog


10 Websites to Make and Print Word Search Puzzles via makeuseof.com

Voicethread page by Shelly and Ozge
Seventeen Interesting Ways To Use Voicethread View more presentations from hdurnin .
Voicethread Tutorial by Russell Stannard
High Tech Ideas for Low Tech Classrooms: Voicethread by Barbara Sakamoto

Using Voki to make comparisons by Life Feast Blog
Voki tutorial by Russell Stannard
Voki Character Developmentby Shelly Terrell
Voki Talking Avatars by Shelly Terrell & Ozge Karaoglu in Technology for Kids wiki
The Toolshed -Voki (great student Voki examples)
Voki Blog post by Sean Banville
More Free Voki resources by Sean Banville


How to use Wallwisher - Pdf guide via Wallwisher post by EFL Classroom 2.0
Spice up your lessons with Wallwisher (Sue Waters)
Wallwisher:Free ESL Materials by Sean Banville
105 Classroom Ideas for Wallwisher by Sean Banville
Using Online stickie noticeboards by Nik Peachey


http://www.scribd.com/doc/53030128/36-Tools-for-Digitising-your-ELT-Course-Book by Nik Peachey (IATEFL Brighton 2011)
Technology Integration Links via Cybraryman (very extensive list)
E-Book Web Toolsby Life Feast blog (Ana Maria Menezes)
Web 2.0 Cool tools for schools wiki - very comprehensive list of resources
The Toolshed Wiki - a fantastic collection of Web 2.0 Tools by Guido (europeaantje on twitter)
Fabulous free e-books on Web 2.0 projects (via Larry Ferlazzo)
WebTools4u2use wiki - very comprehensive (via Radney)
A Tick list of 21st Century Digital Skills for Teachers by Nik Peachey
Top 50 Tools your students want you to use! (from Teacher Tech)
50 Ways to Anchor Technology in your Classroom Tomorrow - cool list of sites!
Web 2.0 / 21st Century Tools by David Kapuler (an absolutely amazing and fully comprehensive list with reviews)
The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects free e-Book
Simple Ways to Introduce Technology to Reluctant Teachers by Larry Ferlazzo
Engaging the Digital Generation by Tim Buckteeth
15 best web apps to support blogs - fab list!!
Top 60 Web 2.0 Tools by David Deubelbeiss
Tools for the 21st Century Teacher (Mzimmer)
70 Tools in 70 Minutes Langwitches wiki by Silvia Tolisano
10 Teacher Development Tasks for Web 2.0 Tools by Nik Peachey
20 Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers by Simon Ward (via Free Technology)

Developing Easter projects from Life Feast Blog
Using Wikis for Teacher Development by Nik Peachey
Celebrate You and Me Digitally Wiki collaboration wiki by Eva Buyuksimkesyan and Alex G Francisco
Webb's Wide World - link to a wiki post
50 Ways to use Wikis for a more Interactive Classroom
Wikis (by Shelly Terrel) PBWorks - full of great links
How to Use Wikispaces Tutorial by Richard Byrne

Word Clouds by Cybrary Man
Word Cloud Tools from Shelly Terrell's Pinterest (February 2013)
Word Cloud Challenge by Dave Dodgson
Using Wordle in the language classroom by Dave Dodgson
19 Interesting Ways To Use Wordle ~ Elementary
Wordle:Livebinders by Colleen Young
Wordle and WORDCLOUDS comparison by Marisa
Word Clouds - a lesson plan by Marisa
Top 10 Wordle Lessons for the Classroom
What is a Word Cloud? Gems on the Web by Russell Stannard on OUPELT Blog June 16th 2010
Tag Clouds by Teacher Training Video Tutorials (Tag Crowd/Word Sifter/Vocab Grabber/Wordle)
Word it Out - Egs from PLN Staff Lounge blog
Tagul Word Cloud (Heart) via Teacher Reboot Camp

Janet's Abruzzo Edublog as a TAGXEDO word cloud shaped like Isabella - on 30th March 2011.


Janet's Abruzzo Edublog as a Tagxedo word cloud shaped like Victoria - on 02 February 2015:

Jan abruzzo blog 2015.png


10 Websites to Make and Print Word Search Puzzles via makeuseof.com

Xtranormal Tutorial by Russell Stannard
Xtranormal & EFL young learners by Alex Case


Fun Phrasal Verbs in L'Aquila 2011

A-Z of Apps & Tools to Spice Up Your Teaching


Zimmer Twins tutorial by Russell Stannard
Zimmer Twins (Review by David Kapler)